Chandan Valley Project aims to bring happiness and prosperity to all. Located in the pristine surrounding of the Eastern Ghats, the Chandan Valley presents a stunning visual treat for everyone. Our team that includes of agro-business experts adheres to the highest values and standards to sure project success and high rate of returns for the investors.
Chandan Valley Project brings two significant benefits to all its investors. Ownership of the farm unit which you could sell or retain at the end of 15 year lease period; and enjoy returns from the sandalwood plantation without working on it.
Chandan Valley project assures high returns on investments made. Some of the notable differentiators of Chandan Valley Project:

  • Sourcing highest quality seeds and saplings from in-house nurseries
  • Promoting new revenue sources through inter-cropping of Gauva, teak, mango, vegetables, fruits and other cash crops
  • Using trained man-power, and taking care of all manpower issues such as availability, skill enhancements, cost and consistency, knowledge upgrades and optimum utilization
  • Utilizing our own state of art framing equipment to ensure prompt and timely farming activities
  • Promoting sales and marketing of sandalwood for getting competitive prices
  • Leveraging on the support of reliable logistics and transport companies for on-time deliveries
  • Winning the appreciation of patrons and customers by professionalism and business acumen
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    No.of Plants per each unit - 100 , Customer Share - 50 Plants (50 %)