The team of specialists at Universal Cash Crops India Private Limited is our greatest asset. Even though each one of the team brings specialist experience in agricultural and horticultural sciences, infrastructure and real estate, biomass and industry applications; when it comes to project planning and execution, we act as one. Our management team has not only built consensus but also could use consensus and individual expertise in constructive way to achieve peak performance in project execution. We work together to deliver phenomenal value to the clients. As our work is guided by an established vision, mission and objectives, we do complete justice to our assigned roles and responsibilities.

Vallabhaneni Leelaji Babu is the founder and Managing Director of Universal Cash Crops India Pvt Ltd. Though the company is based in Hyderabad, its latest sandalwood plantation project "Chandan Valley Project is based in Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Vallabhaneni is a true visionary, philanthropist and renowned business leader. He has proven experience in multiple businesses: manufacturing, infrastructure and construction projects, agricultural farms, and IT services.

Vallabhaneni's businesses are based in Hyderabad, India. With remarkable zeal for customer satisfaction and unparalleled business acumen and good liaison capabilities, Vallabhaneni has created a special niche and renowned name for himself.

His entrepreneurial ventures have witnessed resounding success. Vallabhaneni specially focuses on improving operational efficiency, transforming business and taking advantage of emerging opportunities and market changes quickly.

Vallabhaneni was chiefly instrumental in designing and developing of all our plantation projects. He ensures that each plantation project is delivered to the customers/investors with quality, dedication and professionalism. With his wide network of friends, associates, clients and professional contacts, Vallabhaneni brings "can do" attitude to the company.

With a noble aim to bring prosperity and happiness for all people, Vallabhaneni inspires and promotes all the plantation projects. Vallabhaneni has not only built trust and value for the company, but also offers an assurance of timely delivery of projects.

Ramana is a civil engineer and project manager. He is one of the Directors of Universal Cash Crops Pvt Ltd. Significantly, Ramana brings his civil engineering experience, site planning and management skills. So far, Ramana has executed some of the prestigious real estate and housing projects in Hyderabad and Visakhaptnam. He brings to Universal Cash Crops his project management and liaison skills. Ramana has a huge network of civil and engineering vendors, suppliers, labor contractors.